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Whether you have a sore throat, ear infection, common cold, or another non-emergency medical condition, our 24/7 Aeson Health On-Demand Virtual Care let you connect with world-class care virtually, in a matter of minutes — eliminating the time you need to wait in line for an appointment. Aeson Health On-Demand Virtual Care is available for both adults and children.

MD Home visits

Do you need sudden medical assistance in Aruba but can't visit a doctor at the clinic? That's where Aeson Health comes to your service by offering you an in-house doctor’s visit to assist you with any medical health issues. Our certified doctors can consult you in the comfort of your hotel or home and offer you any medical assistance or injury you might need to have taken care of.

VIP Medical Concierge

VIP Medical Concierge covers all the medical facilities while traveling abroad. Suppose you are planning your trip to Aruba. In that case, you need to assure that in case of any medical emergency, an unexpected illness, or an unforeseen accident, you should have your Aruba travel insurance beforehand to cover you and your family in all such events in Aruba.

Urgent Care

Time is of great essence, especially when you enjoy vacations, but what if you start feeling a little down and sick? Instead of panicking and wasting your precious time waiting for your primary medical care provider to respond.

Lab Testing

Aeson health makes it possible for everyone in Aruba to avail of the finest lab testing services. Our lab testing services are fast and convenient, giving you accessibility to results in no time.



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  • MD Home visit


Fantastic clinic. Perhaps the best medical experience of my life. I came in with a laceration to my face (surfing accident) and was met with urgency and care. I was stitched up (liquid stitches) in less than 15 minutes. I couldn't have asked for a better experience. Thank you!

Andrew Paliga

Amazing experience here. Fast service, wonderful people, and very caring. Bianca at the front desk was very courteous and me and my partner felt very comfortable and safe being here. Would recommend to anyone travelling on the Island who have a sudden or unexpected issue where they need medical assistance.

Christopher Nagel

Excellent care! Quick, knowledgeable and reasonably priced. My daughter forgot her meds and we got a prescription to fill meds here in half an hour. Doctor is very attentive and helpful and front desk stuff is very sweet. Highly recommend.

Julia G

Quick, through, professional. Best outcome for quick relief during my vacation!

Theresa Lienau

Fast service. Pleasant professional (and really attractive!) Dr. Inge Visser was understanding/compassionate and very helpful (also pretty. Did I mention that?! 😁)

Jay Bee

The doctor was a sweetheart super empathetic and reassuring the staff was super welcoming and nice. Very great experience thank you 🙏🏽

Laurens Daigle

Excellent service. Emailed clinic in advance and received a swift, helpful response. Walked in and was seen immediately by attentive and caring doctor. Report for GP and insurers received within an hour of leaving. Can't recommend more highly.


Excellent! We did Covid tests before flying back to the US. Results emailed within 24 hrs.


Got our COVID test done in 5 minutes. Results arrived via email PDF in under 24 hours. Excellent!

Gene Mishkevich

Quick service. The doctor was very knowledgeable and confident. Facility was very clean. In and out in less than 20 min!

Allison Gendron

Amazing service by the Doctor on duty. Detailed evaluation of patient symptoms. Will definitely visit again. Highly recommended to all.

Miraila de Cuba

My husband and I were here for about ten minutes. The technicians were super quick and friendly. We got our results before we got to the airport.

Celeste Dunn

The service was good.They listen about your problem or questions that you have and they really explain everything good and specific!!

Paula Croes

Quick & courteous service !

Sophia D

Dr Frank helped me with my ear wax problem after snorkeling. I tried to treat it myself without much success. It was a very good experience. The doctor was understanding and is very professional. I wish him good luck in the future.

Xu Cheng

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